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      About Us

       A professional import and export trade company on mechanical and electrical products, Jinan Extend Exp & Imp Co., Ltd grew out of Jinan Extend management consulting ltd, which founded in November 2001, offering consultancy services for foreign companies in China to purchase and develop Chinese market for many years. In 2005, it transformed from a single advisory service into a specialized international trade company, which seeks international products of higher quality and low price for excellent domestic enterprises and has been highly thought of and recognized by the clients.

      Jinan Extend Exp & Imp Co., Ltd is the general agent for series of electrical relays as well as switches of Furuhashi auto electric part co., ltd in China and the sole agent of Japan Jideco relays in Chinese mainland, also the special dealer of Contrinex Sensors,Danfoss Sensors in Denmark and GEMS Sensors in the USA. In 2005 it signed an agreement on strategic cooperation with American Exim-dynamics company and became the only supplier of its purchasing products in China.

      The main imported products of Jinan Extend Exp & Imp Co., Ltd are relays, switches, buzzers of Jideco series, relays; switches, mechanical spare parts of FD series;Contrinex Sensors;Dandoss Sensors;Gems Sensors. The main exports include steel wire mesh, machining parts, metal parts etc. At present the major domestic long-term strategic cooperation partners are Shantui Construction Machinery Co., Ltd,Shantui Chutian Construction Machinery Co.,Ltd.Strong Construction Machinery Co., Ltd,Strong Construction Machinery (Jining) Co., Ltd,Foton Lovol International Heavy Industry Co., Ltd.Hebei Xinhong wire mesh Company,Tong Ming Welded Mesh Panel Factory.


      Contact Us

      Tel: 86-531-58661298

      Email: saletrade@163.com
      Add: Room 12A10,Commercial Apartment 1#, Wanda Plaza, Jinan, China